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Jesse is a career fundraiser. Whether working independently or managing large teams of staff and volunteers, Jesse has experience using a range of fundraising channels to achieve substantial results. His most recent roles included working as a campaign strategist for Direct Leap Technologies, as well as Director of Development for the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center. While working as a fundraising consultant through a firm he co-founded, Jesse helped a federal NDP riding association raise more money than any NDP riding association in the country for 2015. In 2013 Jesse led a team of 80 fundraisers for the BCNDP and helped secure more election funding than their opponents for the first time in provincial history. Jesse also pioneered the use of the Nationbuilder database in Canada, which leveraged social media to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for a political candidate within the span of a few months. He has a background in Political Science and History from McGill University, and a strong passion for social change.

  • Georges Vanier Secondary School

    GOAL: $750.00
    • Make a difference today by donating to help fund peer-to-peer tutoring in Georges Vanier Secondary School for the 2017-2018 Academic school year.
    • 15-20 students will be trained as tutors and each matched with one peer, impacting 30-40 students total.
    • Every donation of $25 will help connect at least one student to free tutor training or free personalized tutoring.
    • Your donation can be made in up to 12 monthly instalments.



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    Licensed to Learn (L2L) has seen incredible growth since its inception in 2002 starting in one Toronto District School Board (TDSB). In the current school year (2016-2017), L2L is working in 83 schools running a total of 94 peer-tutoring programs.

    The demand for L2L is huge.  L2L has a waitlist of over 60 more schools who would like to work with L2L to offer peer-tutoring in their school.

    But to keep up with demand L2L needs your help.

    L2L is pleased to provide funders with a way to directly support peer tutoring programs in specific schools and communities that L2L works with or are on our waitlist.

    For only $750 OR $62.5/month you can sponsor a L2L peer-tutoring program in one school.

    Choose a school to sponsor below!

    PDSB Secondary Schools:

    Countryside Village Public School

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    About L2L

    Licensed to Learn (L2L) is an Ontario-based charitable organization dedicated to boosting student success through personalized peer tutoring. Programming is provided at no cost to families, and is proven to benefit youth by improving academic success among those being tutored. L2L fosters the development of leadership skills among Tutors, and nurtures positive relationships that make up vibrant and inclusive school communities.

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    Just made a donation to Licensed to Learn

    Donate and make a difference

    Your donation will allow Licensed to Learn to:

    • Keep up with growing demand to bring L2L's peer tutoring program to more schools.
    • Bring L2L's peer tutoring program to more low-income neighbourhoods to help children in need.
    • Expand our leadership development program to ensure every L2L tutor is able to grow their leadership potential.

    Donations made to L2L are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.



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    What is our mission?


    The mission of Licensed to Learn is to support children and youth. We boost student success by facilitating personalized peer tutoring programs and leadership development opportunities.

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    What is our vision?


    The vision of L2L is to grow from the GTA across Canada, to engage and support at-risk students with their learning and help them develop the skills they need to live and work successfully in the future.

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    Monthly Giving

    Many people find their preferred method to support their favourite charities is monthly giving. Monthly giving is a way for donors of every level to contribute in a manner that works for any budget. Monthly donations are flexible and can be increased, decreased or cancelled altogether at any time.

    Monthly donors are the foundation to any charity. Monthly donors provide predictable income that the charity can plan and budget around. Monthly giving enables a charity to grow sustainably and responsibly by making sure that projects started today will been able to sustain tomorrow. 

    By making a monthly contribution to Licensed to Learn you will be part of a growing community of core supporters dedicated to helping children from every background have success in school and reach for their dreams.

    Every $10/month provides the resources to support 2 tutor-peer pairings.

    So for example a, $20/month contribution provides:

    • 4 struggling students with free personalized tutoring
    • 4 students with tutor training and leadership development opportunities.

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    Our Friends



    IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) is a registered Canadian charitable organization that provides effective humanitarian aid and sustainable development programs to disadvantaged people around the world. It operates under the guiding principles of “human dignity, self-reliance and social justice” to unite like-minded Canadians in helping disadvantaged people around the world gain access to education and training, health services and sanitation, clean water, self-sufficiency, and emergency humanitarian relief aid. L2L is proud to be an affiliate of IDRF.


    The Ontario Trillium Foundation

    L2L is a proud recipient of an Ontario Trillium Foundation Community Grant for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years. This grant supports our work in Halton, Peel, and west-Toronto, allowing us to reach more students than ever before.


     Jays Care Foundation


    Jays Care Foundation is a generous supporter of L2L for the 2015-16 school year. This grant supports us in reaching out to students, including Aboriginal students, in the city of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.


    With gratitude

    L2L gratefully acknowledges the generosity of our supporters, who help us to inspire academic success, self-confidence, and friendships among our students. Together, we are building stronger learners and stronger leaders in our community!

    • Telus Toronto Community Board
    • Ralph M. Barford Foundation
    • Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
    • Alterna Savings
    • Halsall Family Foundation
    • Imperial Capital
    • RBC Foundation
    • Lowden Family Fund





    The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is the largest and one of the most diverse school boards in Canada, with approximately 259,000 students in almost 600 schools throughout Toronto.



    The Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) serves the Catholic community in Toronto, with more than 93,000 students in 200 schools.

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    Our Patron

      Roy McMurtry
      OC, O.Ont, QC

    The Honourable R. Roy McMurtry, Q.C., has a long-standing record of public and community service. McMurtry practiced law as a trial counsel for 17 years before being elected to the Ontario legislature in 1975. Upon election, he was appointed to the Cabinet of Premier William G. Davis as the Attorney General of Ontario, a position he held until 1985. As Attorney General, he oversaw important reforms to Ontario’s justice system including bilingualism in the courts, multiculturalism and family law reform. He took an active part in the negotiations that led to the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution and the creation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. During that period he also served for four years as the Solicitor General for Ontario.

    In 1985, McMurtry was appointed Canada’s High Commissioner to Great Britain, a post which he held until late 1988. In 1991 he was appointed Associate Chief Justice of the Superior Court in Ontario and then Chief Justice of that court in 1994. In February 1996 he was appointed Chief Justice of Ontario, a capacity in which he served for over 11 years until May 30, 2007.

    McMurtry was selected as a recipient of the Order of Ontario in 2007 and an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2009. He has been the chancellor for York University since 2008.

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    Program Hub


    At L2L, we train and certify student tutors in elementary and secondary schools to provide informed academic assistance to younger students who are at risk academically, underachieving, or new to the English language. This program is free-of-charge for students, and addresses important issues of equity by serving the underserved in strategically chosen priority geographic regions, and by helping to level the playing field for demographic groups of students who may otherwise not have access to academic support.

    Each school involved in the L2L program has a designated L2L School Coordinator who is responsible for tailoring the program to suit the context of their particular school, and to engage and support students involved in the program. An L2L Trainer is also assigned to each participating school to train tutors and collaborate with the School Coordinator to ensure that each participating student is successful.

    The Training

    Student-centered and personalized learning approaches are at the core of the L2L training curriculum. At the beginning of each L2L school program, tutors receive support from an L2L Trainer who comes to their school to facilitate 2-3 sessions on tutoring strategies with an emphasis on personal learning profiles. By the end of this training, tutors are experts in multiple intelligences and in identifying learning styles, so they know how to best support their peers during tutoring sessions. At set intervals between tutoring sessions, tutors meet with other tutors and their L2L Trainers for ongoing training to discuss strategies, engage in problem-solving and role-playing activities, and to share experiences with one another.

    The Tutoring

    Each tutor is matched with a younger peer by their L2L School Coordinator, and the tutor is responsible for leading at least fifteen one-on-one sessions to support their peer to improve their academic standing in a particular subject. These sessions are usually one hour in length, and are catered to the particular learning needs of the peer. Warm-up exercises, fun educational activities, and other resources are provided in training and on an on-going basis to support tutors in the delivery of these sessions.

    Benefits to Participating

    Tutors participate in L2L for a variety of reasons. Some secondary schools offer our program for academic credit, or for volunteer hours, and all who complete the program receive a certificate from L2L, with a variety of achievement levels depending on grade and years spent in the program. One benefit that tutors always report to us is the feeling that they’ve made a difference in the life of another student who needed help. The personal relationships that are created between tutors and their peers enhance the school community, with friendships being formed across grade levels. Peers involved have experienced increased academic success and confidence in subjects in which they were initially weak. For more information about the success and benefits of L2L and our monitoring and evaluation efforts, please refer to our Background & Research web page.

    Making it Happen

    Behind every successful L2L program is a team comprised of the L2L School Coordinator, L2L Trainer, and L2L Tutor. Each of these people has an important role to play within an L2L school, and must work together to make L2L happen. Check out the profiles for each of these roles below. If you’re interested in joining L2L in any of these capacities, please contact us.


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