About L2L

Licensed to Learn (L2L) is an charitable organization dedicated to boosting student success through personalized peer tutoring. Programming is provided at no cost to families, and is proven to benefit youth by improving academic success among those being tutored. L2L fosters the development of leadership skills among Tutors, and nurtures positive relationships that make up vibrant and inclusive school communities.

What is our mission?


The mission of Licensed to Learn (L2L) is to support children and youth. We boost student success by facilitating personalized peer tutoring programs and leadership development opportunities.

What is our vision?


The vision of L2L is to grow from the GTA across Canada, to engage and support at-risk students with their learning and help them develop the skills they need to live and work successfully in the future.

What are our values?


Our values are Equity, Leadership, Productive Citizenship, Empathy, Mentorship. 



At L2L equity means that all students have a fair chance to succeed in school and in life after school. L2L makes academic support available to a diverse population of students who are at-risk academically, and who would otherwise not have access to the resources they need to help them succeed. In doing so, L2L is helping to level the playing field to make opportunities beyond school in employment and higher education within reach for all students.



The development of leadership skills among youth is critical to success in today’s complex and rapidly changing world, especially the skills of critical thinking and strategic planning.  L2L tutors develop the confidence they need to assist their peers academically, and to be positive role models in their school communities, creating an inclusive and supportive culture.



Empathy is a critical trait for an L2L Tutor to possess. To become a tutor, students must have reasonable academic standing and the required subject matter knowledge, but our program goes beyond students helping each other with homework or studying for tests. When tutors partner with their peers, understand their struggles, have the informed strategies to help them build from their strengths, and are invested in their progress as a team, the experience is rewarding and meaningful.

Productive Citizenship


The potential for L2L’s impact goes beyond improving academic achievement. The support we offer to students helps youth develop the skills required to become effective and productive citizens. What starts in schools goes much further, as L2L alumni bring their experiences with them into their lives as contributing members of their communities.



At L2L, we believe that the most effective learning happens in the context of meaningful relationships. Our trainers serve as mentors for the students who will become tutors, they in turn develop relationships with the students they are tutoring. This structure, which allows students to use their own informed strategies to mentor their at-risk peers through a process of dialogue and facilitation, builds community and allows real academic progress to be made. 

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