L2L Tutor Spotlight: George G.

George G. (L2L Tutor Grade 9-12)

George G. is an incredible grade 12 student leader from Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School in Halton, Toronto. He has been a dedicated L2L Tutor since grade 9, while balancing his coursework, and his volunteer and extracurricular commitments. We are proud to have students like George in the program.

Thank you George for being such an amazing L2L Tutor!

Read about George's experience with the L2L Program below.

L2L Tutors

My name is George G. and I am a Grade 12 student at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School (BR). I have been part of the Licensed to Learn (L2L) Program as a tutor since the 9th grade. When I started high school, I realized I enjoyed math/science-based subjects and was in need of some volunteer hours. L2L seemed to be the perfect solution; a place where I could follow my interests by teaching others and also get my hours out of the way. Since I go to a high school, my first time as a tutor, I was paired up with a peer who was in my grade. At first, I thought this would be weird, but within the first lesson, I understood that they were only there to learn and I was able to provide the help. Being a tutor not only helped my peer in the subject they struggled in but also helped reinforced topics which I may have forgotten.

Due to my time at L2L I was able to cultivate a reference from the program head at BR and use it for other opportunities (I was able to score a position at the Milton District Hospital because of this!). Volunteering has provided me with many benefits such as being able to reinforce my fundamentals and creating connections that would help me in the future. Not to mention, by doing this I am able to help someone else and make their life a little bit easier, which is always a good feeling!

-George G. (Gr 12 L2L Tutor)


L2L Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Y.

Emily Y. (L2L Tutor, Former L2L Peer, Youth Leader, Mentor)

Emily Y, L2L Tutor
Emily Y. joined the L2L Program in 2017, initially as a Peer who needed help with grade 10 academic English. For Emily as a new International Student from China, she found English to be her most difficult subject as she was not familiar with how students study English here in Canada. Her English teacher referred her to the program and she was paired with L2L Tutor Katie, a senior student. 

Katie specifically worked with Emily around essay and formal writing. They would meet prior to an essay assignment being due and Katie would help Emily strengthen her sentence structure and proofread for grammatical errors. She also helped Emily with the point, proof, comment formatting that the teacher expected on the final product. Emily's grade at midterm was 81% and improved to a 90% for her final grade.

Emily decided to join the L2L program this year as a Tutor after having such a positive experience as a Peer. She noticed how helpful and dedicated the Tutors in the program are. She also saw her own potential and ability to help others in accounting and math courses. One strategy she uses is that she allows Peers demonstrate how they approach questions and the problem solving techniques they use. She then gives them tips or teaches them different ways to approach the question. This year, she has been pleased with the improvement she has seen in her Peers' abilities and grades.

Thank you Emily!

Spring Newsletter 2017


Youth Summit


In April, L2L hosted in partnership with Earl Haig Secondary School hosted a full day Youth Summit fortutors from L2L programs that are youth-driven to help connect students from different schools to discuss challenges associated with administering youth-led L2L programs. 30 students from 6 different TDSB schools attended the Youth Summit. After ice-breakers and......

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Winter Newsletter 2017: Meeting the Premier


L2L met with the Premier of Ontario to discuss Licensed to Learn earlier this year. The Premier listened attentively as the L2L team made a presentation detailing the work L2L does in partnership with schools around the GTA, and following the presentation the Premier asked a number of insightful questions. L2L is looking forward to working with the Provincial Government to help expand programming into even more schools.

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Fall 2016 Newsletter



Organizational Update: Breaking Records

Licensed to Learn is experiencing unprecedented growth. By every metric we can evaluate program growth L2L is hitting new heights never before reached. As of today 56 programs and 2,052 total students have registered with L2L from across 10 different school boards in the GTA. These figures represent a whopping increase of 143% more programs and 136% more students over this time last year. Based on these numbers L2L is projecting to have programs in over 100 schools by the end of the school year for the first time in the organization’s history.

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Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer learning, had us a blast!

School may be out, but L2L is working hard to ensure learning opportunities continue through the warm weather. Here are a few of the exciting learning initiatives we've been working on recently:

Summer Program

This July, L2L was involved in a summer program hosted at Emery Collegiate Institute in Toronto, the first of its kind for L2L. Julio Sousa, one of our L2L trainers supervised the program, which engaged elementary school students in activities related to literacy, numeracy, and life skills aimed at assisting students with the transition to high school and allowing older students to obtain high school credits.

L2L offered its expertise in the leadership component of this program which took place over 12 sessions during the month of July and was comprised of 10 L2L tutors in grades 11 and 12, and 10 L2L peers entering grade 9 this fall.

Students received a certificate at a closing ceremony at the conclusion of the program and reported very positive outcomes. Peers reported feeling more confident in ‘Being Good’ at the subject in which they were being tutored, and every single tutor believed that they ‘Developed Leadership Skills’. Both tutors and peers participating in the program indicated that  they would all recommend the program to other students.

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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Leadership Photo
Starting Spring with Student Success!
On Tuesday April 5th, L2L hosted our third multi-school Student Leadership Conference at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School in Milton. With over 100 L2L tutors attending from 6 schools in the Halton Public and Halton Catholic School Boards, the conference was a terrific opportunity for our tutors to gain and build on their leadership skills through active application of creativity, teamwork and performing arts to help them in realizing their vision within and beyond high school. The students took on the challenge of designing small skits to demonstrate their journey of success through various aspects of their high school lives, and performing in front of their peers and teachers. It was a fabulously engaging experience with stellar performances!

The purpose of these conferences is to bring L2L tutors together to offer them activities and learning aimed to further develop their leadership skills not only as L2L tutors, but as students within their schools and as contributing members of society.

Our leadership program has garnered a lot of interest within the school community, attended by teachers, principals and school district superintendents with glowing reviews. The support provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation allowed us to host the day and  we look forward to maintaining the momentum generated with this program.
Leadership Photo 1            Leadership Photo 2
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Winter 2016 Newsletter

Funder Spotlight: The Jays Care Foundation

The funding provided by Jays Care enables us to deliver 20 programs across the GTA with a special focus on Indigenous students in 5 of those programs. L2L is trying to help close the achievement gap for aboriginal students while keeping in mind the delicate balance in the relationship between tutor and tutee, building on traits like empathy, leadership and mentoring

We're thrilled to announce... L2L took our first public field trip – to the Skydome to see a baseball game! Through our funding partnership with The Jays Care Foundation, L2L received a generous invitation to see the Blue Jays play the Yankees at the Community Clubhouse. The day was an overwhelming success.

29 secondary students from a unique leadership program at Marc Garneau CI, a high-school near Flemingdon Park, were rewarded with an unforgettable outing.
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