Fall 2016 Newsletter



Organizational Update: Breaking Records

Licensed to Learn is experiencing unprecedented growth. By every metric we can evaluate program growth L2L is hitting new heights never before reached. As of today 56 programs and 2,052 total students have registered with L2L from across 10 different school boards in the GTA. These figures represent a whopping increase of 143% more programs and 136% more students over this time last year. Based on these numbers L2L is projecting to have programs in over 100 schools by the end of the school year for the first time in the organization’s history.

“The most exciting part of this growth is that L2L is now generating continuous demand in schools across the GTA.” explains Program Manager Hamid Khan. Despite blowing all previous program registration metrics out of the water, L2L has been receiving requests from a growing number of school who want to have the L2L program. The wait list has increased to 39 schools. It should be noted that the schools on the L2L waitlist are in addition to the 110 schools L2L is projected to be working with this year, further demonstrating that despite expanding into an unprecedented number of schools there continues to be an incredible demand for L2L.


Donor Profile: Telus Greater Toronto Area Community Board

Telus has been one of L2L’s strongest corporate partners over the lifespan of our organization. Not only has Telus been a source of continuing financial support, but it has also encouraged us to push the envelope and strive to deliver a deepening impact to the students we serve. With support from Telus we pioneered our first multi-school Leadership Conference that helped bring together L2L tutors from a number of schools to build on the leadership skills that L2L’s peer-tutoring program already fosters, and more wholesomely explore what leadership and being leaders in their community means.

On September 20th L2L was happy to attend the Telus Greater Toronto Area Celebration of Giving event. Hosted by the Telus Greater Toronto Area Community Board this event celebrated other members of the business community who had embodied philanthropic values through their own activities, while at the same time highlighting Telus’s charitable partnerships in the GTA focused on helping at-risk youth. L2L was proud to celebrate the announcement by the Telus Greater Toronto Area Community Board that they had cracked $8,000,000 of giving to Toronto charities over the last 10 years.

We would like to offer our sincere appreciation to Telus for demonstrating both continuing commitment and support for L2L as well as leadership in corporate philanthropy and social responsibility.


 Welcome L2L’s Newest Team Member:

To keep up with growing funding needs L2L is happy to announce the hiring of our new Fund Development Manager, Jesse Guy-Herman.  Jesse joined us at the end of September and has been helping our team develop our fundraising strategy so we can match the demand for our program with the funds to supply it.

“What has really struck me is the commitment and passion of everyone involved in the organization” expressed Jesse. “The tutor trainers for example, are a special group. These are people who have already spent a lifetime as educators helping kids succeed. Yet rather than focus on their well-deserved retirement, they are working with L2L to pass along their career’s worth of wisdom and experience to peer tutors, ensuring that the L2L tutors have the best support possible. It is really inspiring for a new person coming into the organization to see.”


So Worth It

 Check out the Social Worth’s video showcasing their limited edition “So Worth It!” t-shirt here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFq4pVKOnVo.

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