Licensed to Learn James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School

Licensed to Learn at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School 

Licensed to Learn (L2L) is dedicated to boosting student success through peer tutoring and leadership development opportunities. L2L was founded in 2002 as a charitable organization. Working with teams of teachers, principals, and administrators our program is situated in the neighbourhoods and school communities of highest need. Our team is comprised of experienced education professionals who are passionate about improving learning skills and creating a more equitable school experience for all students.

Over 35,000 students have participated in L2L since 2002, with over 2,500 becoming certified L2L Peer-Tutors each year.

Thank you to the staff and students in the distance learning Summer Transition Program at James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic High School for supporting L2L. As part of the L2L Program student leaders are trained and certified as L2L Tutors. The training helps students develop important skills including effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork. Students explore learning strategies and become more familiar recognizing the the most effective study habits and approaches for themselves and others.

Training session: Wednesday July 22nd, 2020 1:00PM-2:30PM

L2L Trainer: Doris Bognar, Mike Ricci, Julio Sousa and James D'Souza

What will we cover?

  • Introduction to Licensed to Learn (L2L)
  • What is peer-tutoring and how to be an effective L2L Tutor?
  • Learning Strategies/Theories
    • Learning Styles
    • Multiple Intelligences
    • Growth Mindsets
  • L2L at JCM 

How can you prepare?

  • Make sure you registered for the session: Tutor Registration
  • Complete the Pre-Training Survey
  •  If you have time prior to the session, complete the following learning strategy surveys. 
    • Learning Styles: Make a note, or save your survey results. Are you more visual, auditory or kinesthetic?
    • Multiple Intelligences: Make a note, or save your survey results. What are your top 3 intelligences?

Resources you will need for the training session


Please contact James D'Souza, L2L Program Manager, for support with these materials or the L2L Program;





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