L2L Online Program Guide

L2L Online Program Models:

This guide highlights some adapted online L2L Program models.

For support with the L2L Program at your school please contact James D’Souza, Program Manager (JDSouza@L2L.ca)

A Note from the L2L Team:

During the COVID-19 pandemic as schools are closed, some School Coordinators have continued the programme, using various strategies for distance learning. Below is a concise summary as reported from some of the schools. Licensed to Learn (L2L) realizes the cautions that have been raised regarding online learning, specifically surrounding the use video in certain platforms. As such, L2L requests that teaching staff refer to board, MOE, OTC, protocols.

School A: Peer-Tutoring via Facetime/WhatsApp/Text/Phone

 Þ Parents of peers informed and approval requested to allow the Tutors to work with their child via distance learning.

 Þ Peer-tutoring sessions between Tutors and Peers conducted using: WhatsApp, Facetime, Text or phone calls.

 Þ Tutors provide support with assignments and overall mental health.

 Þ Tutors use a tracking sheet and weekly journal to record the progress of their Peers. 

 Þ Tutors prepare self help/care videos to share on the school’s Instagram page

 Þ This school reports strong commitment and perseverance from the Tutors

School B: Peer-Tutoring via Google Classroom

 Þ Peer-tutoring sessions between Tutors and Peers conducted using: Google Classroom.

 Þ Tutors and Peers use their school password to login to Google Classroom.


School C: Online Training

Þ Tutoring conducted online via Zoom, WebEx, Google Meets, or Google Classroom

Þ Tutors provided links to online Tutor Manuals

Online L2L Tutor Manual


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