L2L Tutor Spotlight: George G.

George G. (L2L Tutor Grade 9-12)

George G. is an incredible grade 12 student leader from Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School in Halton, Toronto. He has been a dedicated L2L Tutor since grade 9, while balancing his coursework, and his volunteer and extracurricular commitments. We are proud to have students like George in the program.

Thank you George for being such an amazing L2L Tutor!

Read about George's experience with the L2L Program below.

L2L Tutors

My name is George G. and I am a Grade 12 student at Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School (BR). I have been part of the Licensed to Learn (L2L) Program as a tutor since the 9th grade. When I started high school, I realized I enjoyed math/science-based subjects and was in need of some volunteer hours. L2L seemed to be the perfect solution; a place where I could follow my interests by teaching others and also get my hours out of the way. Since I go to a high school, my first time as a tutor, I was paired up with a peer who was in my grade. At first, I thought this would be weird, but within the first lesson, I understood that they were only there to learn and I was able to provide the help. Being a tutor not only helped my peer in the subject they struggled in but also helped reinforced topics which I may have forgotten.

Due to my time at L2L I was able to cultivate a reference from the program head at BR and use it for other opportunities (I was able to score a position at the Milton District Hospital because of this!). Volunteering has provided me with many benefits such as being able to reinforce my fundamentals and creating connections that would help me in the future. Not to mention, by doing this I am able to help someone else and make their life a little bit easier, which is always a good feeling!

-George G. (Gr 12 L2L Tutor)


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