L2L Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Y.

Emily Y. (L2L Tutor, Former L2L Peer, Youth Leader, Mentor)

Emily Y, L2L Tutor
Emily Y. joined the L2L Program in 2017, initially as a Peer who needed help with grade 10 academic English. For Emily as a new International Student from China, she found English to be her most difficult subject as she was not familiar with how students study English here in Canada. Her English teacher referred her to the program and she was paired with L2L Tutor Katie, a senior student. 

Katie specifically worked with Emily around essay and formal writing. They would meet prior to an essay assignment being due and Katie would help Emily strengthen her sentence structure and proofread for grammatical errors. She also helped Emily with the point, proof, comment formatting that the teacher expected on the final product. Emily's grade at midterm was 81% and improved to a 90% for her final grade.

Emily decided to join the L2L program this year as a Tutor after having such a positive experience as a Peer. She noticed how helpful and dedicated the Tutors in the program are. She also saw her own potential and ability to help others in accounting and math courses. One strategy she uses is that she allows Peers demonstrate how they approach questions and the problem solving techniques they use. She then gives them tips or teaches them different ways to approach the question. This year, she has been pleased with the improvement she has seen in her Peers' abilities and grades.

Thank you Emily!

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