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Monthly Giving

Many people find their preferred method to support their favourite charities is monthly giving. Monthly giving is a way for donors of every level to contribute in a manner that works for any budget. Monthly donations are flexible and can be increased, decreased or cancelled altogether at any time.

Monthly donors are the foundation to any charity. Monthly donors provide predictable income that the charity can plan and budget around. Monthly giving enables a charity to grow sustainably and responsibly by making sure that projects started today will been able to sustain tomorrow. 

By making a monthly contribution to Licensed to Learn you will be part of a growing community of core supporters dedicated to helping children from every background have success in school and reach for their dreams.

Every $10/month provides the resources to support 3 tutor-peer pairings.

So for example a, $20/month contribution provides:

  • 6 struggling students with free personalized tutoring
  • 6 students with tutor training and leadership development opportunities
  • Help a total of a dozen students with a $20/month contribution