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At L2L, we train and certify student tutors in elementary and secondary schools to provide informed academic assistance to younger students who are at risk academically, underachieving, or new to the English language. This program is free-of-charge for students, and addresses important issues of equity by prioritizing at risk communities.

Each school involved in the L2L program has a designated L2L School Coordinator who is responsible for tailoring the program to suit the context of their particular school, and to engage and support students involved in the program. An L2L Trainer is also assigned to each participating school to train tutors and collaborate with the School Coordinator to ensure that each participating student is successful.

The Training

Student-centered and personalized learning approaches are at the core of the L2L training curriculum. At the beginning of each L2L school program, tutors receive support from an L2L Trainer who comes to their school to facilitate 2-4 sessions on tutoring strategies with an emphasis on personal learning profiles. By the end of this training, tutors are experts in multiple intelligences, learning styles and mindsets, so they know how to best support their Peers during tutoring sessions. At set intervals between tutoring sessions, tutors meet with other tutors and their L2L Trainers for ongoing training to discuss strategies, engage in problem-solving and role-playing activities, and to share experiences with one another.

Tutors are provided a Tutor Training Manual.

The Tutoring

Each Tutor is matched with a Peer by their L2L School Coordinator, and the tutor is responsible for leading at least ten hours of one-on-one sessions to support their Peer to improve their academic standing in a particular subject. These sessions are catered to the particular learning needs of the peer. Warm-up exercises, fun educational activities, and other resources are provided in training and on an on-going basis to support tutors in the delivery of these sessions.

Benefits to Participating

Tutors participate in L2L for a variety of reasons. Secondary schools offer our program for academic credit, or for volunteer hours, and all who complete the program receive a certificate from L2L. One benefit that tutors always report to us is the feeling that they’ve made a difference in the life of another student who needed help. The personal relationships that are created between tutors and their peers enhance the school community, with friendships being formed across grade levels. Peers involved have experienced increased academic success and confidence in subjects in which they were initially weak. For more information about the success and benefits of L2L and our monitoring and evaluation efforts.

Making it Happen

Behind every successful L2L program is a team comprised of the L2L School Coordinator, L2L Trainer, and L2L Tutor. Each of these people has an important role to play within an L2L school, and must work together to make L2L happen. Check out the profiles for each of these roles below. If you’re interested in joining L2L in any of these capacities, please contact us.

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