Summer 2016 Newsletter

Summer learning, had us a blast!

School may be out, but L2L is working hard to ensure learning opportunities continue through the warm weather. Here are a few of the exciting learning initiatives we've been working on recently:

Summer Program

This July, L2L was involved in a summer program hosted at Emery Collegiate Institute in Toronto, the first of its kind for L2L. Julio Sousa, one of our L2L trainers supervised the program, which engaged elementary school students in activities related to literacy, numeracy, and life skills aimed at assisting students with the transition to high school and allowing older students to obtain high school credits.

L2L offered its expertise in the leadership component of this program which took place over 12 sessions during the month of July and was comprised of 10 L2L tutors in grades 11 and 12, and 10 L2L peers entering grade 9 this fall.

Students received a certificate at a closing ceremony at the conclusion of the program and reported very positive outcomes. Peers reported feeling more confident in ‘Being Good’ at the subject in which they were being tutored, and every single tutor believed that they ‘Developed Leadership Skills’. Both tutors and peers participating in the program indicated that  they would all recommend the program to other students.


Student Conference

On Thursday May 19th, L2L hosted a student conference at Sir Winston Churchill Elementary School in Brampton with students from six elementary schools in the Peel region in attendance. The day was a huge success thanks to efforts coordinated by L2L staff and trainers Fred Peach, Hamid Khan, and Lesley Risinger. Miguel Martinez, a student success coach led the day of learning and introduced students to the idea and practice of  leadership in their daily lives, both inside and outside of school. Students left smiling and ranked the day at a whopping 4.83 out of 5. The L2L team also left smiling after seeing students’ responses to our question “Will this experience help you practise leadership in your life?”:

“Yes it will because I learned that I can be silly and not get made fun of and that I can make a change”

“It would help me practice leadership because it taught me not to give up and I can now share that”

Hopefully these comments brought a smile to your face as well!

Tutor Workshop

On Monday May 16th, L2L held a tutor workshop at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, attended by five schools that currently have or are interested in initiating student-led L2L programs. Students discussed opportunities and challenges related to coordinating the L2L program at their own schools, with behind-the-scenes support from a teacher. For the students,  the day was very informative and valuable as it helped them move towards taking ownership of the L2L program in their own schools. For L2L, this was another successful day of empowering youth with the right skills and attitudes to lead and succeed.

Pow Wow at Eastview

On Thursday June 28th, L2L had the opportunity to attend a Pow Wow hosted by the Eastview Public School, involving numerous schools and over 1,000 students from across Ontario. Teachers, students, friends, family, elders, and supporters came together in this celebration of the Indigenous community, which included dancing, music, and traditional drumming. John Malloy, the interim director of the TDSB, and Barbara Felschow, the director of the Aboriginal Education Centre, as well as various MPs from the community were also in attendance. L2L was proud to see two of our very own L2L students from Eastview leading dances at this memorable event!

An attitude of gratitude - Thank You!

Courtesy of a grant from the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTO) - North York, District 23, L2L acquired its first own camera. This is proving to be a thoroughly useful purchase, as it helps us to provide a visual demonstration of the strengths of our program and to share student experiences with L2L’s supporters through good quality pictures.

On May 17th Jays Care made it possible for L2L to take 37 students and 3 teachers from Eastview Public School to an exciting Jays game. The event was so memorable for the students that it was selected as one of the ‘Top 3 Events’ for the school in their annual yearbook. Thank you Jays Care!



Jays Care also donated 120 Blue Jays Stickers to L2L for students attending Jays Care-funded schools for students to use to show their support for the Blue Jays!
On Saturday June 4th, IDRF (International Development and Relief Foundation) hosted their annual Golf Tournament. The skies were blue, the grass was green, and the day was enjoyed by all. Thank you to IDRF for honouring L2L to be the recipient of the proceeds from the day. The generosity will go a long way to support L2L and our students!

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