When is L2L offered at schools, and how much time does the program take, from start to finish?


L2L programming can start at various points during the school year. The latest recommended start date for an L2L program is January for elementary schools, and February for semestered secondary schools. With 2-3 training sessions for tutors, at least 15 peer-tutoring sessions, 2 mid-program review meetings, a final review meeting, and celebration, each L2L program takes at least a couple months from start to finish. Here are two different examples of how a school might schedule programming:

  • School One:
    • 3 training sessions are scheduled once per week for 3 weeks, starting after the Thanksgiving long weekend;
    • 15 tutoring sessions are scheduled over the course of 20 weeks from November to March.
  • School Two:
    • 3 training sessions are scheduled 3 times in 1 week during the second week of February;
    • 15 tutoring sessions are scheduled twice per week over the course of 8 weeks from February to April.

The most important thing to consider when planning and scheduling an L2L school program is what will work in the specific context of a school. Some schools will want to support a particular grade with tutoring leading up to a provincial test; some schools may want to offer the program to students who want to boost their grades before applying for college or university; and some schools will want to engage with L2L on an ongoing basis all year to provide general support for all students.

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